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Sewer Line Inspection

What is a Sewer Camera Inspection?

Technology has made notable strides over the last few decades. The advancements in digital imaging technology have made it possible to accomplish complex tasks that would otherwise require tons of hours and resources to complete. Thanks to advanced technology, plumbers have access to incredible innovations such as sewer camera inspections.

A sewer camera inspection is what it sounds like. It entails a plumber snaking a tiny camera down your drain line. The tiny camera is attached to a flexible rod that allows it to traverse the curves and bends of your drain line effortlessly. The plumber can then watch the footage the camera is relying on a mobile device or screen.

The drain camera is an indispensable imaging device for proper sewer line inspection and maintenance. Our expert plumbers at Gallegos Plumbing utilize sewer cameras to offer quick, accurate, and effective sewer line cleaning services to the residents of Agoura Hills.

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Why Do I Need a Sewer Line Inspection?

“Do I need a sewer line inspection?” You might ask yourself.

Sewer camera inspections are a quick and straightforward way of determining the health of your plumbing system. It allows you to see the exact nature and location of problem spots in your drainage system. Your plumber will then determine how to clear the blockage best.

Our ace plumbers at Gallegos Plumbing can perform a drain camera inspection to identify nearly any problem with your sewer line. This way, homeowners will detect issues early on before they turn into an expensive mess.

We recommend having a sewer camera inspection whenever you’ve been having issues with your plumbing system.

Sewer Line Repair

How Do Sewer Line Inspection Cameras Work?

So, how does a sewer line inspection camera work?

One of the professionals at Gallegos will insert a flexible cable attached to a small waterproof high-resolution camera into the problematic pipe or sewer line. Bright lights beside the camera enable the camera to see even in the darkest of spots.

Besides providing real-time footage of your drain line, the sewer camera also records the physical location of the line and the depth from the surface. Once our certified plumbers know precisely where any obstructions are, they will advise on the work needed to fix them.

What Can a Sewer Camera Inspection Find?

Here are the main things that sewer camera inspection can identify:

  • Pipe issues. Since the sewer line camera travels down the pipe, it can quickly identify broken, cracked, and collapsed pipes.
  • Leaks. Yes! You read that right. Our cameras at Gallegos Plumbing can detect leaks in pipes.
  • Tree roots. Tree roots can sometimes cause blockages by growing into your sewer line in search of water.
  • The location of your sewer lines. So, what if you need to plant trees in your yard but don’t know where your drain line is? Our sewer camera inspection services will help you keep trees off your sewer lines, thanks to the attached location devices.
  • Blockages. Have your pipes been draining slowly? Dirt, hair, or grease could be blocking your sewer line. You can identify the culprit by performing a drain line camera inspection.
  • Sewer line type and materials. Since sewer pipes are underground, you can’t tell what system you have unless you look. By knowing whether you have a PVC, cast iron, or clay system, you’ll know how to avoid potential sewer issues.
  • Lost treasure. You might stumble upon the diamond earrings your little one flushed down the drain.

What Can’t Cameras Find?

Unfortunately, sewer camera inspections aren’t able to help you identify everything.

The image that gets transmitted from older cast iron pipes may be hard to interpret sometimes. However, don’t fret! We have other methods to diagnose these as well.

How Sewer Camera Inspection Protects You When Purchasing a Home in Agoura Hills?

Perched in the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains, Agoura Hills is a suburb of Los Angeles offering a smalltown feel with big city access. It is one of the best places to live in California, boasting magnificent views and stunning houses. However, there’s more to a home than just its interior design. We will ensure that your dream home isn’t a costly nightmare in disguise.

You should undertake a sewer inspection as part of the home buying process in Agoura Hills, especially if you’re thinking about purchasing an older house. Scheduling a sewer line camera inspection from reputable plumbers in Agoura Hills, such as Gallegos Plumbing, will give you well-deserved peace of mind when it comes to buying your home.

Best Sewer Camera Inspection Services Near Me in Agoura Hills, CA

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