Lead-Free Plumbing in Newbury Park, California

Lead-Free Plumbing in Newbury Park, California

Why Concern for Lead-Free Plumbing?

If you are thinking of hiring a Newbury Park Plumber, among your top concerns would be the plumbing products’ safety following the heightened awareness of lead’s detrimental effects.

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The Amendments

Lead-free? Low lead? No lead? These terms mean the same thing when it comes to plumbing services in Newbury Park, CA. They refer to the Reduction in Lead in Drinking Water Act (RLDWA), signed by President Obama in 2011 as an amendment to section 1417 of the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) of 1974.

The SDWA defined “lead free” as solder or flux with lead content not exceeding 0.2% and pipes with no more than 8% lead. Congress has amended the SDWA a few times before the enactment of the 2011 amendment. In 1986, Congress prohibited the use of flux, pipes, or solder that were not “lead free” in plumbing water systems or plumbing in facilities supplying water for human consumption.

2011 RLDWA redefined “lead free” by reducing the allowable lead content of wetted surfaces of pipes, pipe fittings, plumbing fittings, and fixtures from 8% to a weighted average of 0.25%. Resultantly, manufacturers largely replaced the lead in faucets and fittings with brass alloys.

How Lead Contamination Occurs

Lead enters water when plumbing material containing lead reacts chemically with water. The rate at which lead enters the water depends on various factors, including:

  • The types and amount of materials in the water
  • Water temperature, amount of wear in pipes
  • How long water stays in the pipe
  • The presence of protective coatings inside the plumbing materials

Children exposed to lead may suffer from behavioral & learning problems, slowed growth, hearing problems, lower IQ, and in rare cases, seizures and coma. Lead’s effects on pregnancy include slow fetal growth and premature birth. High levels of lead in the blood of adults leads can cause serious health issues such as reproductive problems, incidences of hypertension, and decreased kidney function.

To address the corrosion problem, the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) requires utilities to employ corrosion control treatment to make drinking water less reactive with the materials it comes into contact with on its way to consumers’ plumbing systems. This means that people living in areas served by lead water mains were not automatically susceptible to lead poisoning.

The absence of corrosion treatment led to the infamous 2014-2019 Flint water catastrophe, where cost-cutting measures lead to brown water contaminated with lead, iron, and other pollutants.

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The History of Lead Plumbing

People often wonder why lead was commonly used in plumbing despite being highly toxic. You see, lead has been present in water since the advent of plumbing in the Roman Empire. In the American Colonies, lead was first used in printing and the manufacture of arms and ammunition.

Lead pipes came into use in the US for conveying drinking water, which was pinpointed as a source of lead poisoning in the late 1800s. Iron pipes were the other available option for transporting drinking water, but lead pipes were more affordable and durable. Plumbers could also easily bend lead pipes to conform to the contours of existing structures.

In the US, lead issues were first noted in major cities like Boston and New York, with the earliest health concerns raised in the 1850s. With time, medical researchers identified lead’s health hazards more clearly. The plumbing industry has taken necessary measures to curb the menace of lead poisoning while complying with the passed laws.

Are We Safe in Newbury Park?

You will more likely find lead pipes in older homes built before the mid-1900s. Because most Southern California communities, including Newbury Park, were settled later in the 20th century, they are fortunate to have comparatively lead-free main lines. Most potable water in these communities is transported from treatment facilities to homes via underground pipes made of plastic, copper, or galvanized steel, which are relatively safer than lead.

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