Ventura Plumbing Safety Basics Do’s and Don’ts

Ventura Plumbing Safety Basics

Plumbing is an essential commodity in most urban lives like Ventura, CA. While fixing your plumbing is a great DIY project, ignoring basic safety guidelines could result in massive damage. Plumbing doesn’t give you room to make errors and learn as you go. One wrong move and you might flood your house, or even worse, electrocute yourself. Hence, taking a moment to consider safety can make all the difference.

Please scroll down for some key do’s and don’ts on Ventura plumbing safety in your home.

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Safety First! Plumbing Dos and Don’ts!

» Do

These are the simple rules that will make you a successful plumber.

1. Abide by your local laws and codes.

Before embarking on a plumbing project, have a look at the local building and plumbing codes. Beware of what you could do yourself. The law requires some jobs to be handled by professional plumbing contractor only. Get a permit if need be. Imagine ending your DIY project by spending a night in jail.

2. Wear Personal Protective Equipment.

Personal protective equipment refers to any specialized garments or equipment designed to keep your body safe against specific workplace hazards, in this case, plumbing hazards. Essential parts you need to protect are your eyes, your hands, and your respiratory system.

» Eyes.

When using drills and saws, dust particles could make their way into your eyes. The pipes also harbor bacteria which would make for an awful time should they come into contact with your eyes. That’s why you need safety glasses.

» Hands.

A good set of work gloves insulates your hands from germ-laden pipes and harmful chemicals. Your hands are also protected when sawing or sanding. Caution! Never should your gloves come into contact with your face when working.

» Lungs.

Drilling, sanding, and sawing are everyday tasks in plumbing projects. All these procedures release dust particles into the air. A face mask comes in handy to prevent the inhalation of these tiny particles, keeping your lungs safe and healthy.

3. Think before you open a drain.

Before taking apart any drain, you need to ask yourself a couple of questions before proceeding. Usually, drains aren’t under pressure, but a clog can release water with tremendous pressure. Even worse, this could be a sewage pipe. A clever way to avoid flooding your house is by turning off the main water supply.

4. Ask someone for help.

Two hands are stronger than one. If there’s someone around that could help you, ask them to be your spotter. They could help you hold things in place or pass you tools when you are under a sink. It will ensure that you get through the task quicker and safer.

For a plumbing job to get done correctly, you need to hire a licensed and insured plumber. At Gallegos Plumbing, we understand this. Contacting a professional plumber near you is the right decision for a reliable, experienced, and timely solution

5. Read labels and use tools correctly.

All tools and chemicals usually come with labels and instructions. They are there for a reason; read them. Also, observe tool safety when using machines. If you are unsure how to use a tool, ask an experienced friend or watch some YouTube videos.

6. Know when to call in the experts.

Are you unsure whether you can carry out a task safely and correctly? Don’t risk turning your house into a full-fledged plumbing disaster. You can always take the assistance of a professional Ventura Plumber like Gallegos Plumbing, to handle whatever mess you need to get fixed.

» Don’t

Here’s the bad stuff.

1. Ignore local building and plumbing codes.

Observing the Ventura plumbing and building code is vital to ensure your safety and that of your neighbors.

2. Ignore the smell of gas.

Immediately you feel the smell of natural gas or sewer gas; stop whatever you are doing and evacuate the house immediately. Proceed to call your gas company. Don’t try being the hero Ventura plumber and go sniffing out the source of the leak.

3. Don’t work when sick, tired, or under the influence.

As obvious as this sound, the number of accidents and injuries that result from slow reflexes would surprise you. Be fully focused and attentive when starting a project.

4. Forget what connects to what.

Ever taken something apart only to forget how to put it back together? It happens all too often when plumbing. The easiest way around this is always taking photos before you disassemble something.

5. Misuse tools or equipment

Always use hand tools for their intended use only. Also, ensure that your tools are in good condition before you start working. Finally, your pocket isn’t a place for tools. Use a tool belt or toolbox to avoid cuts and bruises.


You don’t always need to call a plumber for every project around your house. You could save a lot of money DIY fixing dripping sinks and clogged drains. While DIY plumbing is both fun and cost-effective, there is always the risk that you could escalate the situation.

Confident in your skills? Go ahead and fix the minor issues by yourself. Otherwise, contact plumbing professionals, Gallegos Plumbing or call us now at 805-750-1830 for plumbing services in Ventura, CA, and we’ll have a certified professional Ventura Plumber headed your way in no time.