Outdoor Drain Cleaning Services for Your Pool and Backyard

Outdoor Drain Cleaning

If you observe standing water in your backyard or pool after a rainstorm, it means you are facing a major plumbing problem of clogged drains. It then becomes vital to clear your clogged outdoor drains immediately to avoid any further damage in the house plumbing system to arise. Gallegos Plumbing team includes the drain professionals who are trained and equipped with state-of-the-art technologies to handle outdoor drain stoppage or any other outdoor plumbing issue.

Before we present any solution or recommendations for outdoor drain cleaning, let’s first see how an outdoor drain works.

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Let’s Explore How an Outdoor Drain Works:

» How does a Yard Drain Work?
» How to Unclog your Outdoor Drains?
» Tips for Maintaining your Outdoor Drains

Outdoor Drain Cleaning

How does a Yard Drain Work?

While the plumbing system inside your house gets clogged with food or waste, the outdoor drains of your home get clogged with burrowing nests, mud, and leaves.

A yard drain or a pool drain works pretty much like your home’s sewer system. Since it is installed at a downward slope, it allows water to drain out of your yard, so it flows into your city’s system. Various types of pipes are used for an outdoor drain, such as PVC, perforated, and corrugated pipes.

How to Unclog your Outdoor Drains?

The method you employ for outdoor drain cleaning depends on the kind of pipe that you have and the severity of the clog.

For instance, if your home’s outdoor drains are clogged with mud, you need specialized equipment. For a PVC drain pipe, you can use a sewer cleaning machine or a drain auger. To open a drain clogged with mud, you need a hefty cable. The size of this cable depends on the size of your pipe. When you have a perforated or a corrugated pie, a sewer cleaning machine fails to perform a cleaning job.

You can use hydro jetting with such types of pipes. Hydro jetting uses high-pressure water for flushing out the things that are clogging the drain. You can rent both hydro jetters and sewer cleaning machines. But if you don’t know how to use this equipment, it’s best to hire professional plumbing services. When you don’t have experience using drain opening equipment, you can end up damaging your pipes or hurt yourself. Call professional plumbers near you, Gallegos Plumbing, at 805.750.1830 or request service online today.

Tips for Maintaining your Outdoor Drains

Regular maintenance and upkeep can help you prevent clogged drains. In some cases, all you need is a garden hose and your bare hands to unclog your drains. Remove the drain covers and insert your garden hose. Please turn it on so you can flush out any debris or leaves that are in the pipe. The best time to clean your drain is around the fall season. Regular outdoor drain cleaning removes debris and leaves to help you prevent clogged drains.

However, when you need thorough outdoor drain cleaning services, the best thing to do is hire a professional plumbing service. Not only such companies work with experts and experienced plumbers, but they also boast extensive experience.

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Final Thoughts

If you are having trouble managing your outdoor drains and want to unclog them using professional equipment, get in touch with Gallegos Plumbing, your drain cleaning professionals. With our experience spanning two decades, we can help you with all commercial and residential plumbing issues. Feel free to get in touch with Gallegos Plumbing at 805.750.1830 or request service online today. Gallegos Plumbing is the leading choice for fixing all commercial and residential plumbing problems. We provide a multitude of plumbing services, including trenchless sewer replacement, sewer lateral inspections, outdoor drain cleaning and repairs in the Ventura County and the surrounding areas in Southern California.