The Most Important Repairs to Make Before Selling Your Home

Home Repair and Maintenance before Selling

Home Repair and Maintenance before Selling

Do you want to sell your home, but it needs repairs and fixes? Are you wondering what to fix before selling a house or whether to sell it as-is?

When it’s finally time to sell your home, it’s pretty understandable that getting offers for the right amount is your top priority. The value of your home can depend on several different factors, including your home’s location, the local housing demand, and the economy as a whole. But you can also affect your home’s value by making upgrades and changes that increase its appeal and merit a higher selling price.

According to the top Ventura County plumbers at Gallegos Plumbing, the key is to understand the repairs to make before selling your house. Doing strategic fixes that make financial sense can get you right where you want to be – getting generous offers without wasting your money on improvements that barely entice potential buyers.

If you’re preparing your home for sale soon, there are several steps you can take to increase the value of your home. Here are six proven ways to improve your property’s value before putting it on the market.

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Several steps you can take to increase the value of your home

Here are six proven ways to improve your property’s value

1. Paint

So you want to list your home up for sale, but it looks too ‘well-loved’? Consider sprucing things up with some paint.

Paint is magic, and it works wonders whether you’re upgrading the paint in your home’s interior or exterior. A simple, fresh coat of paint can make even dated exteriors and interiors look new and modern, and it’s not that expensive, either.

If your exterior paint is peeling, chipping, or fading, you need to paint your home before selling. Your home’s outer appearance is critical for making a fantastic first impression with buyers as it sets the tone for potential buyers’ expectations of your home’s condition. Since your home’s exterior takes up most of the view, fresh paint undoubtedly enhances buyers’ initial view.

While making an excellent first impression with a tidy exterior is critical, you should give just as much attention to the interior of your home. A clean look of neutral paint can increase your property value and make your home more appealing to many buyers. A good paint job shows buyers that you care about your property and that they won’t have to worry about it for years to come.

2. Exterior Home Fixes

While many home sellers don’t see the importance of the home’s exterior, it is an element of the entire property, and it gives the buyer the first impression of your home.

Here are three cost-effective external fixes to boost your home’s appeal and purchase price:

» Landscaping

All home sales start with curb appeal, and proper landscaping will help you establish the first impression bar high and make the buyer instantly fall in love with your property. Ensure that you remove dying shrubbery, prune trees neatly, and trim the bushes to make them symmetrical.

» Update Exterior Lighting

Updating your home’s exterior lighting is appealing and provides safety and good lighting after dusk. Is there a dark corner of your home that gives you a creepy vibe when taking out the garbage at night? Consider installing a motion-activated light.

» Style Your Front Porch

Adding a touch of style will give your bland and dreary front porch an inviting atmosphere that will have potential buyers seeing the prospect for design. Start by painting and polishing your front door before adding a beautiful welcome mat. Lastly, add a seating area and some flower pots to add color to your patio.

3. Kitchen

Should you renovate your home’s kitchen before selling?

Yes, you should. A remodeled kitchen will change the look and feel of your home and may result in a faster and more lucrative sale.

A crucial thing to remember is that it’s not about how much you spend remodeling your kitchen. It’s about how prospective buyers feel when they step into your kitchen. Ideally, they should walk in and instantly fall in love.

If you’re considering a kitchen renovation, get in touch with the best plumber Ventura County offers, Gallegos Plumbing. Our Ventura County plumbers have worked on hundreds of kitchen remodeling projects and will have a cost-effective solution to give your kitchen that wow factor.

4. Bathroom

Getting your bathroom renovated is significant in making the home selling process easy and fast. Your bathroom might seem like a small insignificant area in your house, but it is an essential factor that affects the value of your home. Would you consider buying a home with an unattractive bathroom full of flaws? Neither do your home’s prospective buyers.

Bathroom remodeling or renovation is an arduous task to do, but that’s why we’re here. Contact Gallegos Plumbing for a bathroom remodel or any Ventura County plumbing services you might need.

5. Lighting

Should you upgrade your lighting before selling your house? Think about this – Have you ever walked into a store that wasn’t well lit? The chances are that you didn’t stay long.

Lighting is a critical element that you shouldn’t overlook when preparing your home for sale. Here’s everything you should consider before listing your Ventura home:

  • Replace broken lighting
  • Replace fixtures to modernize your home
  • Add lights outside
  • Make your lighting more energy conscious

You’ll also want to ensure that your home receives adequate natural lighting to keep your living and bedroom areas well-lit during the day.

6. Pre-Sale Inspection

Performing a home pre-sale inspection before the listing is vital as it helps you understand potential problems and can be a fantastic marketing tool if your home is in great shape. Besides giving you the chance to make quick repairs, a home inspection report also promotes transparency and trust with prospective buyers.

A home inspection report gives you the chance to address issues with your property immediately instead of waiting for the buyer to request a remedy. It allows you to decide how to resolve the problem rather than negotiating with a potential buyer who may choose to use the issues for leverage when finalizing the sale.

Here are some common issues that may crop up during a pre-sale inspection:

» Plumbing Problems:

Fixing problems with your home’s plumbing improves your ability to sell a house without delays. Small changes, like fixing a pipe leak, give your buyer confidence in the property. Don’t wait until the inspection to repair obvious problems, such as:

  • Leaks in the pipes
  • Problems with water pressure
  • Clogs and sewer problems
  • Rusty or damaged water heaters

Ventura County Plumbing Experts

Contact the Ventura plumbing experts at (805) 750-1830, and we’ll get your home’s plumbing ready for a pre-list home inspection in no time.

» Electrical Issues

When you’re planning to sell your house, some repairs are inevitable, precisely, problems with your electrical wiring.

Some of the electrical issues you should fix before selling your home include:

  • Simple short circuits
  • Loose outlet plugs
  • Broken light switches

While the above are simple fixes that you can easily DIY, here are some hazardous electrical problems that will require help from a professional electrician:

  • Flickering or dimming lights
  • Frequently tripping breakers
  • Frequent burning out of light bulbs
  • Warm outlets or switches
  • Dead outlets

You should never neglect issues with your electrical wiring when getting ready to sell your home. Don’t sell a house that’s still a hazard to others.

» Heating, Ventilation, and AC Issues

While a non-functional A/C won’t kill your chances of selling your home, it will severely impact the property’s sale price.

Is your current HVAC less than five years old and in good condition? You probably don’t need a new one. If your HVAC system is getting closer to the 10-15 year mark, you should consider replacing it. Make sure you’re investing wisely, though.

» Roof Problems:

Should you perform minor repairs, replace your roof entirely, or attempt selling the house as-is?
The simple answer is: It depends.

Maybe you cannot afford the extensive repairs or complete replacement or do not want to take on a time-consuming, arduous task. However, remember that if you opt to sell your house as-is, it can impact the final sales price.

» Foundation Flaws:

So you’re thinking about selling your Ventura home, but there’s a small problem. You’re afraid potential buyers will be turned off by your cracked or sinking foundation that you’ve been putting off repairing for years. Here are a few signs of foundation problems that you should take seriously:

  • Doors and windows that aren’t aligned
  • Doors that stick or don’t latch shut
  • Windows that are difficult to open
  • Sloping floors or staircases
  • Cracks and gaps in the walls or ceilings
  • Large cracks in the basement or foundation

It is possible to sell a home with a foundation problem. Just be honest with the buyers and adjust the pricing accordingly.

The Bottom Line

Increasing the value of your home before selling doesn’t have to be expensive. Focus on the most critical repairs to make before selling your home by picking projects that do more than look pretty. Only consider repairs and updates that push that potential sales price—and your earning potential—to its upper limit. Contact Gallegos Plumbing for all your Ventura plumbing repairs needs at 805-750-1830 or fill out our online form!