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Sewer Lateral Inspections for Homeowners in Ventura, CA

Gallegos Plumbing

A clogged sewer line can be a major problem. You can end up with sewage backing up into your home and creating an awful, smelly mess. If you suspect that there might be an issue with your sewer line, you should have it inspected right away.

If you believe that you have a sewer line blockage, first turn off your water supply and stop using your plumbing fixtures immediately. Then check your sewer cleanout for any signs of blockage. Remove any blockage that you can see.

If you potentially have a sewer line blockage, we will inspect the sewer line using our video inspection services. Sewer Lateral Inspections service involves a video camera that is pushed through the line to provide visual evidence of the circumstances of the sewer line and the location and nature of any clogs.

If a clog is found, we can use our high-powered hydro-jets to clear it out. A hydro-jet is a high pressured water jet, similar to a pressure washer, that forces water through the line to clear out clogs.

This is also a good idea if you are purchasing a new property, in Ventura for example, it is mandatory, and sellers are required to submit the Private Sewer Lateral Inspection Report to the city’s Building and Safety Division prior to closing.

Here is what you need to know before selling your home in Ventura.

1. The lateral line inspection requires that a permit (cost $75) be pulled for the inspection. When you hire our plumbing services in Ventura we will pull the permit as part of the inspection process.

2. During the inspection, an OVSD inspector will be there to confirm it’s being done properly.

3. Our plumber will run a camera through an accessible cleanout and record the footage of the private sewer lateral. This will be submitted along with the inspection form.

4. If there are no defects, the OVSD will issue a Compliance Certificatethat’s good for 10 years. A re-inspection will be required every 10 years thereafter.

5. If there ARE defects in the sewer lines the OVSD will issue a Defects Letter and the repairs must be completed within 6 months.

6. In order to properly inspect the lateral sewer lines, there must be a“mainline cleanout” from which we can run our camera through

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