Drain Camera Inspection Service

Drain Camera Inspection in Ventura County

Drain Camera Inspection in Ventura County

Preventative care and maintenance are of the utmost importance for the longevity and health of your Ventura home. Sewer lines and drains perform an essential role in your home plumbing, and any damage to them could require tedious and expensive repairs or replacements.

At Gallegos Plumbing, we provide and recommend regular drain and sewer camera inspection services. A drain camera inspection in Ventura gives us accurate and high-quality visual footage of your sewer and drain lines so that our professionals can identify the issue before it becomes a significant inconvenience.

For several years, Gallegos Plumbing has provided sewer line and drain evaluations throughout Ventura, CA. Our state-of-the-art video equipment and tools take the guesswork out of sewer, drain, and water line replacement and repairs. Our professionals will insert a camera into your problematic or blocked sewer line or drain to identify the trouble spot, visually confirming the cause of the problem.

Video camera drain inspection is invaluable when it comes to accurately diagnosing and rectifying the source of a drain or sewer problem in your home. Our drain camera inspection specialists and technicians are fully certified and trained to perform a pipe camera inspection and help ensure that our assessment of the situation is always reliable and accurate.

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Quality Drain Camera Inspections for Residential and Commercial Properties

Does your office kitchen sink take too much time to drain? Perhaps, a foul smell is coming out of your toilet. If so, you may have an issue with your sewer drainage. Not many homeowners and commercial property owners in Ventura notice problems with drainage and sewers until they have a backflow.

Drain video camera inspection can identify troubled areas in your residential or commercial drainage system. This allows our technicians and plumbing experts to get to the root cause of the issue without causing more damage to your house or commercial location. We perform a video inspection of your drain pipes before starting any repair work.

By inserting a video camera through a tiny access point in your residential or commercial sewer system, our experts can identify the source of the problem and its location. As our team runs the camera down the line, following the water flow, it can identify sections of pipe that have collapsed, lost grade, become infiltrated with tree roots, or are disjointed.

If you notice any signs of a blocked drain, including a slow drain, it’s time to call an experienced and reliable plumber in Ventura County. Gallegos Plumbing’s reputation as the leading provider of residential and commercial drain camera inspection in Ventura, CA, comes from our expertise and knowledge in resolving clogged drain problems and other drainage issues quickly and cost-effectively.

About Our Drain Camera Inspection Services

A Ventura drain camera inspection uses specialized and cutting-edge video camera equipment in order to inspect the drain, sewer, and water pipes of varying sizes and types to detect cracks, damage, leaks, or various other issues.

We can use sewer camera inspection to detect and fix issues such as:

  • Toilet or drain clogs
  • Foul smells and mold
  • Tree roots in your sewer lines
  • Cracks or leaks in the sewer or water pipes

If your sewer or drainage is causing you problems, such as backflows in your sinks or toilets, you should get the problem accurately diagnosed with the best sewer inspection camera and leak detection services in Ventura.

Say goodbye to guesswork, uncertainty, and spending too much money and time on unreliable plumbers who are saddled with obsolete technology and tools.

Why You Might Need Drain Camera Inspections

An average plumber in Ventura will do a lot of guesswork in order to determine the problem with your drainage or sewer. This approach is time-consuming and expensive. Opting for a sewer camera inspection in Ventura eliminates the guesswork when diagnosing and fixing your drainage.

A video sewer line inspection allows our professionals to spot leaks and damage with speed and accuracy. Our team looks for cracks, misaligned pipe, breaks, and loose connections where sewage and water is leaking from. If there’s a clog, Gallegos Plumbing can determine precisely where the blockage is, making it simple to go in and clear it. The video camera can even go behind corners and bends. This is why we can detect issues with your plumbing system without digging up your yard.

Our team can even take mineral build-up measurements to determine the best and safest solution for fixing the problem. We also look for rust, tree root intrusion, and corrosion. So, if you notice sewage backups in your house, slow drains, or sewer odors, you should call a technician to perform a real-time analysis.

What is a Drain Camera Inspection? How Does the Drain Camera Work?

A camera drain inspection is a comprehensive process of visually inspecting the condition of your commercial or residential drains using a small, specialized camera. A small, water-resistant, and flexible drain line camera is usually attached to a snake-like cable that our plumbing professionals send through your sewer pipe until it gets to the cause of the problem.

This type of camera inspection is usually used to assess a blockage or clog in your drains or evaluate the condition of your pipes. This helps identify signs of a blocked sewer line. Our plumbers insert the camera into a drain pipe and view the video feed on a computer monitor, which is crystal clear because of the bright, built-in LED light. Video camera drain inspections in Ventura are generally non-invasive and safe and can offer valuable information regarding the state of your plumbing system.

What Types of Plumbing Problems Can the Drain Camera Inspection Find?

Using high-definition video cameras to inspect your sewer and pipes is the most efficient and cost-effective way to detect issues. Here are only some of the problems our drain video camera inspection can help detect.

  • Pipe Issues: With time, pipes can shift or bend at odd angles. This makes them susceptible to misalignment or cracks.
  • Tree Roots: Sometimes, tree roots can grow into your sewer line.
  • Foul Odors: If you notice a sewer odor in your house, it is a sign that there may be a significant issue in your main sewer line.
  • Slow Drains: Slow drains in your house or commercial property mean that you likely have a leak in your main sewer line.
  • Leaks: Cameras also can identify leaks in pipes, making repairs more straightforward and faster.

Benefits to Getting Drain Camera Inspections

One of the most challenging things in plumbing is locating a blockage. Getting a sewer video camera inspection in Ventura means you can quickly pinpoint and unclog a blockage fast. A sewer and drain camera inspection service also helps you identify anything in the plumbing line that may cause future problems.

» Time and Cost Savings

Without video cameras for inspection and identification, the only way to locate plumbing issues is to dig underground or break up walls. However, with drain camera inspections, you can avoid disruptive, tedious, and expensive procedures, saving time and money.

» Fewer Permits Might be Needed

When a plumber has to trench through a lawn, they may have to apply for permits from local or state government agencies. However, with a video camera to perform an inspection, it is simpler and quicker to remove a clog or repair a pipe, as no permit is needed.

» Find Lost Valuables

People lose their jewels and rings in the drains or sink while doing dishes. When a video camera is snaked through the drain or sewer pipes, Gallegos Plumbing’s professionals can find the valuable item if it is still in the pipes.

» More Efficient Repairs

Gallegos Plumbing can check aging and obsolete sewer lines, enabling us to see any early signs of deterioration and corrosion and prevent the need for significant repairs later.


How Often Should I Get a Drain Camera Inspection?

Older sewer and drain lines are more likely to be adversely affected by tree roots and various other problems that can develop gradually.

If you’ve older pipes in your home or commercial property, you should get a sewer inspection done at least once a year to identify potential problems. A sewer or drain camera inspection is highly recommended when buying a new home.

How Much is a Drain Camera Inspection?

The cost of a drain camera inspection in Ventura will depend on the extent of the damage and the length of the plumbing pipes being evaluated. For example, the further an inspector’s video camera has to travel, the higher the amount you will pay since you will be paying for more of the inspector’s time. To get an accurate quote, you can call Gallegos Plumbing. Our experienced and trained plumbers and technicians can tackle any job.

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Drain Camera Inspection Near Me

Gallegos Plumbing is experienced in performing Ventura drain inspection services and all phases of sewer repair, and our friendly, dedicated staff will be able to address your concerns quickly as possible. We offer honest and straightforward pricing without any hidden fees. Gallegos Plumbing’s expert plumbers and service technicians do high-quality work that lasts.