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Simi Valley, CA Plumbing Codes and Permits

As a highly reputed plumbing contractor in Simi Valley and across Ventura County, CA, we at Gallegos Plumbing assure our clients of top-notch plumbing works performed in compliance with local plumbing codes. And even though we understand these codes, we realized that most homeowners in Simi Valley, CA, do not understand the compliance concept.

Simi Valley, CA plumbing codes do not exist to make residents and contractors scratch their heads a bit more. Their ultimate goal is to ensure safe and effective plumbing installations, repairs, and replacements. At Gallegos Plumbing, our commitment is to ensure our technicians understand, adhere to, and are continually updated with the latest plumbing codes for the sake of our client’s safety and satisfaction.

Based on our knowledge and experience in Simi Valley plumbing codes and permits, our experts saw it wise to touch on these important subjects, so you know what to expect and do the right thing during your next plumbing project. But before we dive into that discussion, let first address a common question that crosses the mind of homeowners planning a new plumbing project:

Table of Contents

  • Is a Plumbing Permit Necessary in Simi Valley, CA?
  • A Plumbing Permit is Needed for the Following
  • How Do You Apply for a Plumbing Permit in Simi Valley
  • Simi Valley, CA Plumbing Codes
  • Gallegos Plumbing Services in Simi Valley and Ventura County

Is a Plumbing Permit Necessary in Simi Valley, CA?

A plumbing permit does not necessarily give permission to carry out plumbing tasks. It is actually an application to have the Plumbing Inspection Division under the Department of Building Inspection check and verify that the installation of a gas/water piping system or appliance complies with a jurisdiction’s plumbing and mechanical codes.

So, when is a plumbing permit required? Most advanced plumbing projects require a permit before the work begins. Even when you decide to handle smaller plumbing works by yourself, you may also need to apply for a permit to comply with Simi Valley building codes.

A Plumbing Permit is Needed for the Following:

  • Replacement of water heaters and underground piping, alteration of a pipe inside a wall/ceiling or beneath a floor, and plumbing in all new installations
  • Repair, alteration, or replacement of freeze-damaged or leaking hidden piping, if the piping exceeds 1.52m (5 feet)

Some of the plumbing projects exempted from plumbing permits include:

  • Leaks repair not requiring cutting into or removing pipes, valves, or fixtures
  • Maintenance, repair, or replacement of faucets, valves, roof drains, or hose bibs not requiring cutting into or removal of piping
  • Clearing of stoppages
  • Replacement of toilets with 6.06 liter per flush toilet fixtures
  • Removal of water, gas, or drainage piping when drainage, gas, and water supply lines have been disconnected in an approved manner under a permit
  • Replacement of water conversation gadget not requiring cutting into or removal of piping
  • Work performed in a building/structure owned and occupied by the state and Federal governments.

To learn more about other projects that require or are exempted from plumbing permits, do not hesitate to contact our experts at (805) 243-2622. Our Simi Valley Plumbers are trained, certified, and experienced to offer assistance with any plumbing issue.

How Do You Apply for a Plumbing Permit in Simi Valley?

A plumbing permit in Simi Valley, CA, can be obtained by:

  • A contractor licensed by the California State and registered with the City of Simi Valley
  • The homeowner (of a single-family home) who can reasonably demonstrate that they hold the necessary knowledge to perform the specified work and who currently occupies or intends to occupy the property

Obtaining a plumbing permit in Simi Valley, CA, is as easy as applying to the local building department. Important details captured in the paper include:

  • Property details
  • Applicant and owner details
  • Contractor and architect/engineer details, including license number
  • Project description
  • Quantity of each plumbing fixture being installed

You can download the document from the City of Simi Valley Forms and Handouts Webpage.

Simi Valley, CA Plumbing Codes

There exist national codes to help standardize work performed by plumbers. However, local regulations in Simi Valley must be adhered to since they supersede all others. This far, you know some of the tasks that require and do not require a permit. But you will want to check local building and plumbing codes in Simi Valley before embarking on any plumbing project in Simi Valley. Admittedly, checking whether everything complies with the law can be pretty frustrating, but always remember that these regulations are tailored for your family and community’s safety.

Sometimes the wording for plumbing codes can be tricky to interpret, so it is best to double-check with the building and safety department. Else, do not shy away from a trusted and well-reputed plumbing contractor in Simi Valley.

Note that most local laws are amended every three years. Therefore, it may not come as a massive surprise that your plumbing is non-compliant with the current codes if you live in an older house. Do not panic. Hiring professional plumbing services in Simi Valley for new installation or upgrades can go a long way in ensuring that your plumbing meets the city’s building and plumbing standards.

Earlier, we mentioned that you need a plumbing permit when installing a water heater. But you would certainly be interested in knowing the Simi Valley plumbing codes that govern water heater replacement. Here are some:

  • California Plumbing Code prohibits installing most fuel-burning water heaters in bathrooms, bedrooms, and closets to prevent the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Gas water heaters must be ventilated with a listed and approved venting system that provides enough size, height, and draft.
  • A drip pan should be installed under a water heater installed in an area where leaks can cause damage, with a drain line running to the exterior.
  • You should install a dedicated shut-off valve that allows you to turn off the water supply to your water heater while keeping the water running to the rest of your home.
  • If you have a closed-loop plumbing system, an expansion tank is necessary to alleviate the pressure buildup caused by thermal expansion and prevent damage to your plumbing, fixtures, and water heater.
  • Because Simi Valley, CA, is vulnerable to earthquakes, CPC Section 507.2 requires homeowners and contractors to firmly secure water heaters with earthquake straps to prevent falling and horizontal displacement due to seismic movements.
  • An electric heater should be placed on a bottom board- an insulated buffer made of R-10+ thermal resistant material- to prevent heat loss.

Gallegos Plumbing Services in Simi Valley and Ventura County

Uncertain whether your plumbing meets Simi Valley plumbing codes and building standards? Plumbing professionals at Gallegos Plumbing– a leading plumbing contractor in Simi Valley and across Ventura County- can inspect your building, check for compliance, and recommend the next step.

Our technicians are trained, certified, and insured to offer top-notch plumbing services, from installations, repair, and maintenance to replacement. Call us today at (805) 243-2622 or contact plumber online today for compliance with Simi Valley, CA plumbing codes.

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