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How to Pick the Right Plunger for Bathroom Drains


Right Plunger for Bathroom Drains

Every home needs a plunger! How many times have you heard that statement? It is vital to get the right plunger, or it won’t do what you need it to do, which is more aggravating than having the drain problem. It is typical for a homeowner to have only one plunger, but that one plunger may not seal with every drain in the house.

Then when you get to the home improvement store, there are several different types of plungers. So, which one do you need for your Kitchen or Bathroom Drain Cleaning? Did you have any idea how complex and confusing a plunger decision could be?! Hopefully, the following information will give you some guidance on choosing the plunger or plungers that you need for your home.

Knowing How To Use A Plunger Is Important

By knowing how a plunger works, you’ll be better able to choose which one to choose. A plunger needs to create a vacuum within the drain. That vacuum enables you to bust up the clog for better Bathroom Drain Cleaning results. If your plunger has cracks or holes, it isn’t going to be able to create that suction.

Although a clogged toilet is a very common plumbing issue, yet using any kind of plunger may not result in a long-term fix. Contact Gallegos Plumbing professionals to know the right tool for each plumbing repair, and schedule an appointment online for our full spectrum plumbing services.

You also want to be able to use the plunger comfortably, because if you aren’t able to put some muscle into the project, it may not be able to unclog your bathroom or kitchen drain. Choose a plunger that has a good grip and is comfortable to use.

The Cup Plunger

This plunger model is the basic plunger and is just what you need when the bathroom or kitchen sink is clogged. It is also an ideal plunger for a clogged bathtub drain. Where it doesn’t work well is in the toilet. Why? Because it can’t create a seal around the drain. The classic flat-bottomed style of this plunger makes it a better fit for the sinks because of the flat edge of the cup.

Cup Plunger

The Flange Plunger

This plunger is for the toilet and every household needs. This is quite similar to the Cup Plunger, just there is an extra layer of rubber around the actual plunger part that creates the seal needed for the plunger part in the toilet bowl opening to do a thorough Toilet Drain Cleaning. Because the toilet drain is more curved, this plunger has the protrusion that fits down in the toilet drain while that outer part forms the seal.

The Accordion Plunger

Then there is a third plunger, the Accordion Plunger. No, this isn’t a musical instrument! The accordion plunger isn’t as common as the first two, and many people have trouble using it. Additionally, this plunger is plastic instead of rubber and can scratch the toilet bowl.

Accordion Plunger

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Closing This Out

Many times, a clogged drain can be an indication that something more serious is wrong. So, using the right plunger to unclog a drain or toilet may only be a temporary fix. If it clogs up again, within a week, give Gallegos Plumbing a call at (805) 243-2622 and let our plumbing professionals take care of that clog for you. Contact us or Like us on Facebook!

Toilet and Bathroom Drain Cleaning Professionals

If none of this works give Gallegos Plumbing a call at (805) 243-2622 and let our professional team clear your clog. We are the trusted and well-known drain cleaning professionals in Ventura County with years of experience at combating kitchen drains. Contact us for a full spectrum plumbing repair and drain cleaning services, and we will check the rest of the plumbing to make sure everything is in proper working order.

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