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What You Should Do If a Pipe Bursts in an Apartment Complex

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What You Should Do If a Pipe Bursts in an Apartment Complex

Soaked floors, dripping ceilings, and wet furniture are not usually what people expect to come home to after a long day. However, when something like that happens, your best bet is to go for commercial plumbing services because when pipes burst in apartment complexes, they can be a nightmare to deal with. Besides, who to call about a burst water pipe other than a commercial plumber?

At first, it might put you off-balance completely, seeing that you only returned home from work and all your furniture, including your ceiling, is dripping wet. However, you can learn some useful information about what to do in that situation. The experts at Gallegos Plumbing give you some signs to look out for to avoid facing such a situation.

Table of Contents

  • What Causes Pipes to Burst in an Apartment Complex?
    • » Freezing Temperatures/Cold Weather
    • » Severe Corrosion
    • » Water Pressure Issues
    • » Loose Clips and Brackets
  • How Common are Pipe Burst in Apartments?
  • How Much Damage Can a Burst Pipe Do?
  • What to Do When a Water Pipe Bursts
  • How to Fix a Broken Faucet Pipe
  • Conclusion

What Causes Pipes to Burst in an Apartment Complex?

Make sure you’re quick and informed in identifying the cause behind the water pipes bursting in your apartment. It can be quite frightening at first since you may not have any idea about what caused the leakage and water pipe to burst.

It can seem like a random event. Nevertheless, it’s one of the most common households and apartment accidents that take place, leading to tons of property and financial damage.

·         Freezing Temperatures/Cold Weather

Pipes aren’t as robust as good at withstanding the cold as we think they are. Cold weather can cause the water inside the pipes to freeze and expand. This causes pipes to expand and break near the weakest joint.

·         Severe Corrosion

Galvanized iron and copper usually make up apartment water pipes nowadays. So, it’s worth knowing that water pressure can strip away that galvanized coating, making pipes burst in apartment complexes.

·         Water Pressure Issues

Weak water pipes that are prone to damage under extreme pressure can’t handle sudden water pressure. Such pipes burst in apartment complexes if the water pressure increases rapidly.

·         Loose Clips and Brackets

If you notice any knocking sound behind the walls, ceiling, or under the floor, the water pipes could be loose. When the clips and brackets holding them become loose, the pipes can start knocking against the wall and break.

How Common are Pipe Burst in Apartments?

Frozen water pipes burst quite frequently during the winter season. Whether it’s an apartment complex, a double-story house, or even an underground parking lot, water pipes can burst due to frozen water. Furthermore, the type of maintenance routine water pipes go through year-round also affects their quality. Poor maintenance and harsh cleaning can make the pipes burst in apartment complexes sooner.

It’s very common for apartments and other types of residential places to struggle with pipe bursts. So, it’s important to know what causes pipes to burst. Some of those problems include:

  •         Faulty AC lines
  •         Water heat leaks and system malfunction
  •         Clogged or loose drainage pipes
  •         Malfunctioned fire sprinkler systems

How Much Damage Can a Burst Pipe Do?

We don’t need to remind you that when pipes burst in apartment complexes, they can send water flooding inside your residential space. For some people, their antique furniture, artwork, and expensive paintings are too precious. And often, these are the things that become victims to burst pipe damages in apartments.

From the ceiling to the carpet on the floor, the magnitude of damage from burst water pipes can vary significantly. Some people have paid thousands of dollars to recover from water damage caused by burst water pipes.

On the other hand, countless residential units in multi-story buildings have sustained irreparable damage due to burst water pipes. Commonly, a burst pipe will wet anything on your walls and floor, including furniture, paintings, bed, dining tables, and so on.

What to Do When a Water Pipe Bursts

Although most homeowners never plan for burst water pipes, we have compiled a set of tips that will help you cope should the worst happen. Here’s what to do when a water pipe bursts:

·         Identifying the Leakage Source

Note the exact location where the water is pooling on your wall or ceiling. Similarly, try and turn off the water supply instantly if the burst pipes are behind appliances.

·         Alert the Landlord

Since you’re living in an apartment, the chances are that you’ve rented out the space. Hence, alerting the landlord should be the next step in the process. It will help nearby residential units prevent water damage.

·         Secure the Belongings

Make sure you move the furniture and other belongings to a safe place or level of the apartment building. Usually, when pipes burst in apartment complexes, the belongings take the heaviest hit despite walls, ceilings, and floors being wet.

·         Record the Incident/ Document It

It’s best to document the entire accident, especially if it begins when you’re present in the apartment. Record the whole burst pipe situation, locations where water is leaking from, and the damage it’s causing for legal and ramification purposes.

How to Fix a Broken Faucet Pipe

Follow these steps to quickly fix a broken faucet pipe:

  •         Close the nearest valve to the leak source (i.e., where the pipe is broken)
  •         Drain the whole affected water pipeline past the valve (i.e., from the point the pipe broke)
  •       Identify the breakage point precisely to use a gasket and a home clamp to tighten over the pipe
  •         You can also use a silicon tape in place gasket and home clamp


Call commercial plumbing services and have an expert look at the situation quickly. A commercial plumber can assess the problem with your water pipes and choose the perfect repair option. Make sure you prevent further damage by sticking with the aforementioned tips in the meantime. Preventing damage to other parts of the house due to excessive water leakage is also necessary.

Get in touch with commercial plumbing experts over at Gallegos Plumbing to take a look at your apartment complex’s water pipes. Our thorough examination will reveal the causes of damage, and with years of experience, we will help determine the best repair option. Contact us at (805) 243-2622 or through our online form.

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