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Ojai Drain Cleaning and Drain Clearing Services

Whenever drains clog, the most obvious reaction of most Ojai homeowners is to address the problem themselves. The desire to save money is a valid excuse for attempting DIY plumbing, but this could end up creating severe complications. Not only are you risking getting ill or having unsanitary conditions at home, but you may also damage the property and lose money repairing it. Why struggle with a clogged drain and increase the risk for further damage when you can have a professional do the job right?

Hiring an experienced Ojai plumbing contractor to diagnose and fix your slow drain can help protect your property and ensure the optimal performance of your plumbing system. Driven by a commitment to maximum customer satisfaction, Gallegos Plumbing offers premier drain cleaning services in Ojai commercial and residential buildings.

Comprehensive Drain Cleaning & Drain Clearing Service

Our Ojai plumbing experts are equipped with state-of-the-art knowledge to identify the source of the problem and recommend and implement a cost-effective and timely solution. We pride ourselves on ensuring every job is completed with exceptional quality, honesty, and integrity. Call us at 805-750-1830 for expert assistance with slow drains in your Ojai, CA home.

Common Causes of Clogged Drains

The kitchen sink is one of the top offenders for clogged drains because of all the grease and food waste dumped down there every day. Oils congeal, and some food waste takes longer to disintegrate, creating a buildup that slows your drain.

Another common cause of blocked drains is hair and soap scum. We all shed hair regularly, but if not cleaned up, it can combine with sticky substances from soaps and food waste and build clogs several feet along your drain pipes. Additionally, soaps contain fats that merge with water minerals to form scum (another suspect for drain blockage).
Tree roots find the easiest path to get water, making underground water pipes an easy target. They end up penetrating the drain pipe, causing clogs that may manifest in backups and overflow inside your home. The roots can cause physical damage, setting you up for an expected drain repair.

Foreign objects are known to cause drainage havoc. While you can conveniently wash off anything in the sink/tub, note that excess mud, sand, and other small objects can block your plumbing pipes.

Facial towels, napkins, baby wipes, and feminine hygiene products do not break down easily in water and will likely clog your drain when flushed in bunches. In such a case, you have little choice but to call a plumber.

A lesser-known culprit for slow drains is excess toothpaste. Contrary to conventional behavior, you should spit toothpaste in a waste bin, not the sink.

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Signs it Might Be Time for Drain Cleaning Services

Most homeowners do not think about drain cleaning services until their plumbing starts acting up. If you notice any of the following signs, be quick to consult with a plumbing contractor before easily repairable issues escalate into expensive damages.

  • Water backup: This is an absolute emergency. If water backs up from your sink or toilet, it can cause structural damage to your home, starting with under flooring and moving upward into walls and cabinets. Resolving sewage backups often requires professional home cleaning + drain-clearing service combo.
  • Slow drain or toilet: Your toilet should easily flush every time, with no delay or extra flushing needed to get everything down the drain. If this isn’t happening, or if you notice that your toilet is taking longer to fill up than usual, this could indicate a clogged drain. Also, check if your sink and bathroom drain lines take longer than expected to drain.
  • Drain odors: If you notice strange smells coming from your sinks, there is a chance debris could be decaying around stagnant water in your drain.
  • Gurgling sounds: if you hear a gurgling sound coming from your bathroom or kitchen sink whenever you drain large amounts of water, it could be a sign of a clog further down the drain pipes. The sounds originate from trapped air.
  • Wetness: Persistent clogging prevents the smooth flow of wastewater down your drain pipes, causing dampness in the surrounding areas. Before resolving the consequences (including wet rot), have an Ojai plumbing contractor first clear your drain.

What is the Drain Cleaning Process?

When an Ojai drain expert arrives at your home, they first run a waterproof camera mounted on a fiber optic cable down your drain pipes to determine the problem areas and the best approach to clearing the clog.

Next, the plumbing contractor decides between hydro jetting and other drain cleaning options. Hydro jetting uses highly pressurized water and is best suited for invasive tree roots, sediments along a drain’s interior walls, and stubborn clogs.

Snaking is another option for drain cleaning in Ojai, CA. It involves boring into and breaking apart drain clogs using a long, flexible cable with a drill at the end. Your Ojai drain cleaning services provider may explore other options like air bursting and chemical drain cleaning. An inspection is necessary to ensure satisfactory results. Should there be any damage, drain repair or replacement will suffice.


Why is Regular Drain Cleaning Important?

Your drains work hard every day to carry away wastewater from several household chores, including washing dishes, hands, and showering. And just like you should keep up with the oil changes and tune-ups on your car, regular drain cleaning helps prevent major problems and keep your plumbing system functioning smoothly year-round.

Benefits of Drain Cleaning

There are several perks to hiring professional Ojai drain cleaning services:

  • Fewer blockages: When left unchecked, debris build can cause slow drains, complete blockages, and even physical damage to the pipe. Having an Ojai plumbing contractor clean your lines annually can help prevent such occurrences.
  • Minimal foul odors: Cleaning your Ojai house will not eliminate the bad smells coming from your clogged drains. Your best bet is hiring an Ojai plumbing services provider to clear the filth from your drains.
  • Reduced risk of mold growth: As mentioned earlier, dampness can encourage mold and mildew growth around and in the affected drains. Mold spores are stubborn allergens known to trigger asthma symptoms. Professional drain cleaning can prevent these microorganisms from flourishing.
  • Fewer emergency repairs: Clogs can strain your pipes, ultimately cracking or bursting them. It can be expensive to resolve the mess. A professional Ojai drain expert can help address minor drain issues before turning into plumbing disasters.
  • Increased longevity: Keeping your drains in top shape increases their usable lifetime.
  • Drain Cleaning Methods
    Find below the common approaches to drain cleaning in Ojai, CA.
  • Chemical Draining
    Drain cleaning chemicals are readily available in local hardware stores. They can be alkaline or acidic in liquid or solid form.
    Alkaline drain cleaners primarily comprise sodium hydroxide and sometimes potassium hydroxide. They may include additives to catalyze the reaction. Acidic cleaners serve as the last resort for stubborn clogs as they contain much stronger chemicals (think sulphuric and hydrochloric acid). The solutions work by dissolving the debris.
    The application process includes pouring the solution into a blocked drain. Please adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines to prevent chemical burns, respiratory issues and ensure product efficiency.
    Considering the associated health risks and potential pipe damage, we recommend having a plumbing expert pick and apply the chemical drain cleaners for you.
  • Snaking
    disintegrates the accumulated mass.
    Drain snakes can be hand-operated or motor-driven. The hand-operated version has a hand crank and a flexible cable with a maximum reach of 25 feet.
    A typical motor-driven auger provides a rotation mechanism and greater reach and torque but requires the operator to feed the cable manually. Available are premium versions with hands-free cable feeding and rotation mechanisms.
    Ojai homeowners with little plumbing experience risk damaging their pipes with drain augers. An Ojai plumbing contractor can offer professional intervention to resolve clogged or slow drains without causing further damage.
  • Hydro Jetting
    A hydro jetting system comprises a nozzle attached to a hose connected to a pressurized water tank. The specially designed nozzle + high water pressure combo is what breaks apart and flushes the debris constructing your drain. Hydro jetting is highly recommended for stubborn clogs and severe tree root blockage in sewer lines.
    Not all plumbing pipes can withstand the immense pressure. If your line is old, with poor seals, or made of thin metal/plastic, please consider alternative drain cleaning methods.
  • Air Bursting
    SThis method harnesses the power of pressurized gas to blast away drain clogs. You can perform the task yourself or leave it to a local plumbing expert.
    Airburst drain cleaning starts with attaching a wand fitting to the compressor, then running the wand down the blocked drain. Stuff old rugs around the wand to keep the air inside the drain line and increase the compression power. Finally, squeeze the trigger and run the pressurized air for 3-5 minutes to clear your drain.
    Should your drain not clear up after several air-bursting attempts, seek the intervention of a reputable Ojai plumbing services contractor.
  • Slow Draining:
    More common and subtle of a plumbing issue are slow drains because the clog is typically not visible, being caused by a build-up of debris and residue deep within your pipes.

Comprehensive Drain Cleaning & Repair and Drain Clearing Service

At Gallegos Plumbing, our team of plumbing professionals can handle drain clogs of any size and scope anywhere in your home. We install, clean, and repair drains in the following water appliances throughout your home:

» Kitchen Drains

If you’re experiencing blockages in your kitchen sink, it could be due to an excessive build-up of soaps, detergents, fats, food waste, and more. More often than not, the inner walls of the pipes connected to your kitchen drain will be blocked by an accumulation of organic material. Our plumbers are experts at removing debris, so your kitchen drain can operate clog-free.

» Bathroom Sink, Shower & Drain

When it comes to blockages and clogs in your showers and tubs, the major cause is a build-up of soap and hair in the trap. If you begin to notice that water is standing in the shower stall/tub or draining more slowly in a way that you can squeeze water under your feet, then you will need to call a plumbing professional to restore your bathroom to peak performance.


» Toilet Drains

Clogged toilets are one of the most common issues our plumbing professionals come across. The toilet drain can be experiencing a direct clog or can be affected by another clog from an outgoing source in your home. Our team utilizes a spinning cable to clear your toilet drains and ensure they are debris-free.


How to Fix a Clogged Toilet

» Downspout Drains

Our plumbing professionals also specialize in clearing downspout drains, which are responsible for providing a path for water to move from your house through the rain gutters. These types of drains are typically connected to the city storm sewer system via pipes and can get clogged with leaves or other outdoor debris, resulting in back-ups in your plumbing.


Downspout Drain Cleaning

» Floor Drains

A floor drain is a flush with the floor surface and found in basement floors, laundry rooms, driveways, patios, and even bathrooms in older homes. For efficient water drainage and for the whole-house plumbing system to be in proper working order, floor drain cleaning and maintenance are required to avoid possible catastrophe and issues with the floor drains.


Floor Drain Cleaning

» Outdoor Drain Cleaning

Standing water in your backyard or pool after a rainstorm can become a major plumbing problem of clogged drains which needs to clear immediately to avoid any further damage to the house plumbing system. Our team includes drain professionals who are trained and equipped with state-of-the-art technologies to handle outdoor drain stoppage or any other outdoor plumbing issue.


Outdoor Drain Cleaning

Sewer Drain Cleaning

Did you know that all household drains connect to the main sewer line of the city? When your house’s main sewer line is clogged with a build-up of debris, minerals, or other materials, this can cause simultaneous clogs and back-ups with multiple water appliances throughout your home. Lucky for you, Gallegos Plumbing has the tools, training, and technology to handle the task of clearing your main sewer lines.

» Drain Cleaning 101

Naturally over time, drains become clogged due to a build-up of sludge and debris until they’re eventually stopped up and blocked completely. This is caused by a variety of factors such as: soaps, hair, cooking grease, undissolved food particles like rice (which expands in water), and more. Before you know it, you’ve got a stubborn, gunky clog that requires drain cleaning and clearing from your local plumbing professional.

Regular store-bought drain cleaners can damage your plumbing pipes, as they use caustic chemicals and can corrode pipes over time. The safest solution for your overall plumbing system is to seek out professional drain cleaning services, which is safe on your pipes and extremely effective and inexpensive. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Gallegos Plumbing for help–we’ve seen just about any plumbing problem under the sun.

That’s why we understand that each type of drain presents its own unique challenges. When you leave the work to the professionals here at Gallegos Plumbing, you can count on us to clear any clog in any drain, no matter how big it may be, at any time.

» Your #1 Drain Specialist

You can rest assured knowing that our drain cleaning service uses the most advanced drain cleaning equipment and technology, and our modern methods will remove the build-up in your drains and pipes quickly and thoroughly. We have the experience and tools to not only find and locate the cause of your clogs, but also visually inspect the problem. When you start to notice that your drains are running slow or are completely backed up, it’s time to contact our experts and technicians at Gallegos Plumbing to resolve the issue and get the job done right.

For more information about our drain cleaning services or to schedule an inspection visit, contact us today at 805.750.1830.