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Best Whole House Filtration & Conditioning System

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Whole House Filtration & Conditioning Systems

Whole house filtration and conditioning systems are the most convenient options for homeowners thinking about purifying all the water in their homes. These filters are installed at the water’s entry point, ensuring every water point in your home produces clean and safe water for all your consumption needs.

When thinking about a whole home water filter system, think HALO 5, a top-notch water filter system rigorously tested for part safety, contaminant rejection performance, and structural integrity. This post will guide you through everything you need to know about this system and why you should consider it for your next water conditioning system purchase. But before that, let us catch a glimpse of the several ways you benefit from a whole house water filter system.

Table of Contents

  • Benefits of Whole House Water Conditioning Systems
    • Safe Drinking Water
    • Healthier Baths and Showers
    • Long-lasting Pipework and Water-Consuming Appliances
    • Cost-Effective
    • Good for the Environment
  • HALO 5 – The Best Whole House Filtration System
  • How Does HALO 5 Work?
    • Granular Activated Carbon(GAC)
    • Centaur High Activity Carbon(HAC)
    • Filter AG Plus
    • High-Density Garnet Media
    • HALO ION Inline Water Conditioner
  • HALO 5 Models
  • What to Expect During Installation
  • Get HALO 5 System for Your Home

Benefits of Whole House Water Conditioning Systems

Protects Your Family, Home and Planet Premium Grade Carbon Media No Slimy Feeling Water Crystal Clear Great Testing Water Eliminates Chlorine and Chloramines 10 Year Warranty

Safe Drinking Water

A whole house water conditioning system features multi-stage filters designed to eliminate a broad variety of contaminants, including sediments, gases, organic and artificial pollutants, and more. By installing it in your home, you get the peace of mind that your household water is safe and clean for drinking.

Healthier Baths and Showers

Bathing in contaminated water is unhealthy. Chemicals such as chlorine can cause dry hair, skin dryness and irritation, and other health issues. A whole home water filter system eliminates these contaminants at the point where water enters your home.

Long-lasting Pipework and Water-Consuming Appliances

Minerals in hard or contaminated water can accumulate and wreak havoc on your plumbing fixtures. Hard water is also a top culprit for damage in water-consuming appliances, including dishwashers and washing machines. A water filter helps prevent these issues by solving the hard water problem.


A whole house water conditioner system eliminates the need to install inline filters at each faucet or sink in your home, which can be a relatively expensive investment. Still, you spend less on maintenance as top-notch filter systems can serve for at least five years with minimal to zero maintenance.

Good for the Environment

Plastic water bottles endanger the environment when disposed of carelessly. By eliminating contaminants and unpleasant taste and odors in household water, a filter system eliminates the need to buy bottled water for drinking and cooking. This helps solve the pollution problem associated with plastic water bottles.

HALO 5 – The Best Whole House Filtration & Conditioning Systems

Whole House Filtration and Conditioning Systems

The HALO 5 is a WQA tested and approved whole house water filtration system designed to solve hard water and chlorine problems in residential settings.

Equipped with the ION conditioner, HALO 5 treats hard water physically to inhibit and dissolve scale as well as prevent corrosion in your plumbing fixtures and water-consuming appliances. Resultantly, you save on constant repairs and keep away health issues such as dry skin, dry hair, and itchy scalp. Your clothes become cleaner while the dishes and glassware become brighter.

The HALO 5 filtration system boasts the capacity to reduce chlorine, chloramine, and chlorination products from your household water. Most of the disinfection by-products are suspected to be toxic or carcinogenic, while long exposure to chloramine has been linked to skin, digestive system, blood, and kidney problems. Trust HALO 5 to eliminate chlorine damage and unpleasant smell and odor synonymous with municipal water.

This system requires minimal to zero maintenance. So, you do not have to worry about replacing filters now and then to maintain the system’s effectiveness. And unlike typical systems in the market, HALO 5 does not use chemicals to filter your household water.

However, the manufacturer warns against using microbiologically unsafe water or of undetermined quality before or after HALO 5 system. The system is also designed for conditioning cold water only with a maximum pressure of 80 psi.

Ideally, the HALO 5 water filter system is intended to treat drinking water supplied by municipal water providers. It can also work with well water, but the manufacturer highly recommends that a professional perform a comprehensive well water analysis to ensure the desired results’ achievement. With that in mind, read on to learn the HALO 5 system’s water filtering stages.

Whole House Water Treatment System

Smart Tank

Uses up to 30% less water during backwash over standard tanks. The self cleaning Vortech distributor prevents clogging. The high flow design maximizes high efficiency valves

Smart Valve

The Clack® head is renowned for its reliability and programming. It arrives to you home ready for use and retains it’s programming even in power outages.

Smart Media

Premium grade, NSFcertified, acid washed carbon media is used for its high degree of microporosity. Just one gram of activated carbon has a surface area in excess of 5000 sq ft.

Smart Media Calgon

Centaur® high activity carbon is used for its outstanding ability to reducing contaminants like chloramines, hydrogen sulfate, chlorine and other VOC’s & turbidity.

Smart Media Filter

Filter-AG Plus® is an all natural media, highly efficient in the reduction suspended sediment, down to 5 microns. Quartz garnet is a hard dense media that can filter sediment down to 10-20 microns.

Halo Ion

The HALO ION magnetic water conditioner is the 5th stage in the HALO 5 system. It effectively controls hard water without chemicals to prevent and remove scale maintenance free.

How Does HALO 5 Work?

HALO 5 treats your home water in five stages, as discussed below:

Granular Activated Carbon(GAC)

The first step towards water treatment with HALO 5 is NSF-certified GAC, a material made from raw, organic, high-carbon materials, such as coal and coconut shells. GAC is an excellent material for the general removal of organic chemicals and chemicals that cause objectionable taste and smell in household water. These substances include heavy metals, chlorine, chloramines, pesticides, disinfectants, artificial pollutants, dyes, gases, fuels, and Total Trihalomethanes(TTHM).

Centaur High Activity Carbon(HAC)

Centaur carbon is an excellent material engineered to accelerate reaction rate and offer efficient conversion of reactants into products. Its primary application in HALO 5 whole house water filtration system is the decomposition of chloramines. Centaur HAC is also responsible for hydrogen sulfide removal, where it converts the compound into sulfate to remove the rotten-egg smell and sour taste in household water. The result is clean water safe and healthy for drinking and household use. Something else you will love about Centaur HAC is that it can treat water with a broad range of pH levels.

Filter AG Plus

Filter AG Plus is an all-natural, highly processed & refined, and environmentally safe material based on a rare ore known as clinoptilolite. The media has a large surface area and microporous structure, making it ideal for filtering out suspended matter in household water. When viewed under a microscope, Filter AG Plus granules rough space, angular shape, and microporous voids as small as 3 microns. The properties are great for reducing silt, dirt, and organic matter by adhesion, straining and bridging.

High-Density Garnet Media

Garnet is a naturally occurring material known for its high hardness, density, and durability. It boasts high chemical and abrasive resistance, making it an excellent medium for trapping fine particles in the 10-20 micron range. It is normally used as the support bed in multi-media downflow filtration systems.

HALO ION Inline Water Conditioner

The last stage of the HALO 5 filtration system is the proven, eco-friendly HALO ION inline water conditioner engineered to solve hard water issues, dissolve existing scale, and inhibit new scale formation. It uses reversing polarity permanent magnetic field to change the molecular structure of the positive and negative ions of calcium and magnesium. This causes the minerals responsible for water hardness to remain suspended in water rather than precipitate out as scale. The conditioned water prevents scale-related corrosion, and with time, dissolves the existing scale.

Besides the discussed stages, HALO 5 comes with a smart tank with up to 30% less backwash water flow rate than typical tanks. It features a high-flow design that optimizes efficiency in valves and a self-cleaning Vortech distributor plate that prevents clogging.

HALO 5 also incorporates a customized, efficient, and automated Clack control valve renowned for its programming and reliability even during power outages.


HALO 5 Models

HALO 5 system is available in four models with varying sizes and capabilities. They are as follows:


Weighing 93 pounds, this 10-inch high and 61-inch wide model comes with a 10″ x 54″ tank size. It is designed to filter up to 1,000,000 gallons of water and serve a family of four for about ten years. It can filter 2-8 gallons of home water per minute.


H5-125 model weighs approximately 121 pounds and measures 12 inches wide and 59 inches high. It has an outlet/inlet size of 1.25 inches and boasts the capacity to filter 2-8 gallons per minute(GPM). With a tank measuring 12 inches by 52 inches, HALO 5-125 can comfortably serve a family of six for ten years, filtering 1.5m gallons of water in total.


The H5-150 system measures 73 inches high and 13 inches wide and features a 13″ x 54″ tank. It weighs about 148 pounds and can filter about 2m gallons of water in its lifespan. The system filters 4-15 gallons per minute and can last over ten years in a four-member household.


With a 2-inch outlet and inlets and filter rate of 8-25 GPM, you can expect the H5-200 model to filter approximately 3m gallons of water in its lifespan, enough to serve a family of six for over ten years. It measures 74 inches high and 14 inches wide and weighs 246 pounds.

What to Expect During Installation

The following is a sneak peek into the typical stages of HALO 5 installation:

  • a) Turning off your home’s water supply at the main shutoff.
  • b) Selecting a convenient location for your filter
  • c) Making two cuts on the main pipe
  • d) Installing the fittings on each cut pipe end
  • e) Positioning the filter, so your home water enters the system’s inlet and exits through the outlet.
  • f) Turning on the water and flushing the system with hose bibb for about 20 minutes
  • g) Force regeneration for about 10 minutes
  • h) Repeating steps f and g consecutively
  • i) Final 20-min flush with hose bibb
  • j) Opening the HALO 5 system to your home
  • k) Testing for chlorine at the kitchen sink
HALO 5 installation

Get HALO 5 System for Your Home

HALO 5 is among the leading whole house water filtering and conditioning systems you can trust to offer you exemplary clean and safe water. Without the use of chemicals, with few to zero maintenance and a for a considerably long time.

At Gallegos Plumbing, we take pride in our partnership with HALO Systems to offer our clients in Ventura County top-of-the-line water systems that guarantee superior hard water control. And solid prevention against chlorine damage, mineral scaling, and microbe contamination. Message us online or reach us via (805) 243-2622 to learn how we can help you with HALO 5 installation and replacement or other plumbing services in Ventura County.

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