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An Ultimate Guide to Sewer Line Preventative Maintenance | Gallegos

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Sewer Line Preventative Maintenance

The Importance of Sewer Line Maintenance

Plumbing emergencies go beyond clogged toilets and leaking pipes. Out of all the plumbing issues homeowners could face, sewer line problems are the most serious and often expensive to fix.

For many homeowners, plumbing maintenance is a tricky subject. The good thing about most plumbing problems is you can see them coming. However, that’s not the case with sewer line issues as they are underground, which means you can’t see them. As a result, it is often too late when it gets detected, after all, “Out of sight, out of mind.”

The reality, however, is that you can prevent most plumbing issues altogether with regular care and maintenance. Sewer line maintenance is necessary if you want to avoid the unpleasant surprise of a clogged, or even worse – broken sewer line. While DIY plumbing enthusiasts may take care of everyday plumbing tasks around the house, sewer line repair is a daunting task that needs to be done by a professional plumber.

Our expert plumbers at Gallegos Plumbing understand that sewer backups are highly inconvenient, expensive, and smelly. Therefore, we offer all kinds of sewer line preventative maintenance services to Ventura and Santa Barbara County residents. Let us help you maintain your sewer line and avoid backups. Prevention is better than cure, and it’s cheaper too!

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Table of Contents

  • What Causes Sewer Line Backups?
  • Preventing Sewer Clogs and Backups
  • Get Regular Sewer Line Maintenance. Contact Experts
  • Here are five essential Sewer Line Preventative Maintenance tips for homeowners:
    • 1. Beware of trees
    • 2. Watch what you flush.
    • 3. Clean out slow and clogged drains
    • 4. Check for water leaks.
    • 5. Test your water pressure

What Causes Sewer Line Backups?

So, what are the common causes of a sewage backup?

Sewer line backups usually stem from one of the following issues:

  • Clogs – Is it taking your sink longer to drain water? Is your toilet gurgling? These are early warning signs of a clogged drain. Such clogs usually result from hair, cooking grease, and other non-flushable objects.
  • Tree Roots: When seeking water or nutrients, tree roots may penetrate your pipes and create blockages leading to sewage backups.
  • Old or broken lines: Broken, damaged, and collapsed sewer lines are common culprits for sewer backups. Most old buildings in Southern California typically use clay or cast-iron pipes, which aren’t as long-lasting as modern HDPE pipes.

Preventing Sewer Clogs and Backups

What is the best way of preventing sewer line problems which could lead to costly sewer line repairs?

A little preventative maintenance done by a good sewer and drain cleaning company can help you avert severe plumbing disasters. Homeowners, too, can help with drain and sewer line preventative maintenance.

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Here are five essential Sewer Line Preventative Maintenance tips for homeowners:

1. Beware of trees

Sewer Line MaintenanceTree roots are a principal cause of sewer line clogs and backup.

The roots from trees in your yard could puncture your sewer line, leading to costly sewer line replacement. These are several tips you could follow if you want to avoid root-based sewer backups, which could lead to a complete sewer replacement:

  • Don’t plant trees anywhere in your yard. To know where your sewer lines are in your yard, seek the help of a professional plumber.
  • Remove trees near sewer lines. While this is the most effective way to avoid tree root intrusion in sewer pipes, you will lose your trees. Luckily, there is a solution.
  • Root prevention treatment. Root prevention treatment kills the parts of a tree’s root that contact your sewer lines without harming the tree. It’s a win-win.

2. Watch what you flush.

Clogs are the most common cause of sewer line backups. They are also the simplest to avoid.

The best way to avoid sewer line clogs is by watching what you flush down the toilet or sink. For example, avoid throwing chunks of food down the sink if you don’t have a garbage disposal unit. The same goes with grease if you don’t have a grease trap. Drain clogs can also result from a build-up of everyday objects such as hair, coffee grounds, and similar items.

3. Clean out slow and clogged drains

Clogs generally tend to start small then gradually grow until they lead to complete blockage.
Cleaning slow-moving drain works well in getting rid of grease, hair, and other clog-causing items before becoming a nuisance.

The chemical-free, natural remedy of hot water and vinegar once every few months will help you unclog your drains and have them flowing in optimal condition. Of course, baking soda mixed with vinegar works just as well.

In case the problem persists, contact the best plumber online Ventura County has to offer, Gallegos Plumbing. Also, never attempt fixing drain clogs in commercial establishments such as restaurants and offices. Instead, let a certified professional handle it.

4. Check for water leaks.

Make it a habit to occasionally inspect your sink plumbing for any leaks and cracks. This way, you’ll be able to identify any issue before it escalates into a massive problem. If anything seems out of place, call Gallegos Plumbing at (805) 243-2622, and we’ll send over an experienced plumber to repair or replace the damaged piping.

5. Test your water pressure

High water pressure can harm your fixtures, faucets, and pipe connections. Testing your home water pressure frequently helps you ensure that your water pressure is operating at safe levels. At Gallegos Plumbing, we have special gauges that would aid in testing water pressure. If regularly checking your water pressure seems like a hassle, you could install a pressure regulator, which is a foolproof way always to keep your water pressure at an optimal level.

Get Regular Sewer Line Maintenance. Contact Experts

Many homeowners don’t think much about their sewer lines until a small problem blows out of proportion. However, by following our sewer line maintenance and cleaning guide, you can rest assured that you won’t be needing an emergency plumber in Ventura anytime soon.

In the long run, sewer line preventative maintenance will save you a lot of time and money and will ensure that your home’s pipes are in good working condition for years to come. Avoid expensive plumbing problems by scheduling regular sewer line inspections with a good sewer and drain cleaning company.

At Gallegos Plumbing, we can help you put up an effective sewer line preventive maintenance program, resulting in longer-lasting problem-free plumbing. If you are near us in Ventura and Santa Barbara County, contact Gallegos Plumbing for certified specialists in sewer cleaning services, sewer camera inspection, and trenchless sewer repair alongside a full spectrum of plumbing solutions.

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