Tankless Water Heater Maintenance

Tips for an Effective Tankless Water Heater Maintenance

A tankless water heater is a sound investment because it is energy-efficient and takes minimal space. Tankless heaters also produce hot water whenever it is needed and are simple to maintain. There are many other benefits for a tankless water heater, such as a significantly longer lifespan than conventional heaters with tanks.

Did you know that a tankless water heater system can last for up to 20 years or even more when properly maintained? This is why tankless water heater maintenance is so important. The amazing potential for up to 50% in energy bills over a standard tank heater is another crucial advantage.

On the other hand, tank water heaters usually last for 8 to 12 years and take up more space in your home. To ensure that the tankless water heater system lasts for years to come, you should know why your tankless water heater requires maintenance and use some of the best tips for tankless water heater maintenance to get the maximum benefit from this investment.

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Do Tankless Water Heaters Need Maintenance?

Besides being energy efficient and simple to maintain, tankless water heater systems have a considerably longer lifespan compared to traditional models. However, keep in mind that they still need some maintenance to keep them running efficiently and properly. There is no doubt that, like any other home appliance, such as an AC unit, the better you care for it, the more efficiently your tankless water heater will perform.

Generally, you must have your tankless water heater inspected and serviced at least once each year. And if you use hard water, you may need to service your heater twice yearly. Regular water heater inspection is essential to the effective and safe functioning of your water heater.

Note that during each service session, a technician will carry out several tasks. For example, they will drain your water heater and clean the filter. Maintaining your tankless water heater helps remove any sediment and impurities that have built up over time, preventing them from clogging the system.

Without routine or preventative tankless water heater maintenance, the efficiency and flow rates of your tankless water heater may eventually deteriorate.

Common Issues with Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters are an excellent investment for your home or office. Although uncommon, some issues can arise if something is not working correctly within your tankless water heater.

The good news is that tankless water heater maintenance will help you avoid downtime and potentially help maximize the longevity or lifespan of your tankless unit. Because hard water contains many minerals, your system may experience scaling and other problems. Although water hardness varies by region, even residents in places with low levels may encounter similar repair and upkeep problems. Note that your system uses tap water, which contains at least trace amounts of minerals that can accumulate over time.

Depending on the capacity of your tankless water heater, several simultaneous hot water applications like multiple showers running are likely to overload your tankless water heater. As a result, your water heater may not be able to supply the hot water needed. In some cases, it may shut down if it becomes overloaded.

Unless you own an electric water heater, the heating system will need fresh air for combustion as well as a venting system for the exhaust. Keep in mind that a blockage in the exhaust system or air supply can cause problems, such as ignition and combustion problems. Water hardness and overload are usually the more significant factors that can require repairs, but regular tankless water heater maintenance can diminish these effects.

Tankless Water Heater Maintenance Tips

Check the Pipes

If you live in a colder region, it is vital to check the water pipes often to make sure they don’t have any fractures, cracks, or other damage. By taking this precaution, you can reduce the risk of having a flooded house.

Clean the Air Filter

You should know that many natural gas tankless water heater systems have a filter between the fan and air intake pipe. However, over time, this air filter can get clogged with insects, dirt, and other debris that may disrupt the airflow.

Cleaning the air filter is quick and easy. You can refer to the user manual, but in some cases, cleaning it may be as straightforward as removing a couple of screws, taking out the air filter, and rinsing it with water. After that, you can dry it off and reinsert it into the unit.

Wipe it Down

Maintaining the exterior of your tankless water heater system is equally important as disinfecting the interior. Fortunately, performing exterior upkeep and maintenance requires minimal effort and few materials.

You can wipe the tank cover using a washcloth and a spray cleaner. This prevents rust and dust from causing severe damage.

Clean Your Water Filter

When performing tankless water heater maintenance, you should not forget the water filter. You may know that many tankless water heater systems come with a screen that traps sediments. You will have to remove these sediments regularly to ensure the proper functioning of your water heater.

Descale and Flush the System

The most time-consuming and complicated tankless water heater maintenance involves descaling and flushing out your unit. If you use hard water, it is advisable to descale and flush the unit once each year. On the other hand, for homes with soft water, this maintenance may be performed every 3 to 5 years.

You can remove the scale by using white vinegar or a specialized descaling solution. You should flush the unit with clean water after descaling. 

Check the Pressure Valve

The final water heater maintenance step involves checking the pressure relief valve. This valve is located at the top of most units. Keep in mind that if the pressure in your water tank gets too high, this component will reduce the internal water tank pressure by releasing water.

You should test this feature regularly in order to avoid potential water heater catastrophes. It is equally important to test the temperature pressure relief valve at a lower temperature to ensure the safe operation of your unit.

Receive Regular Service

Make sure you work with a professional plumber in Ventura to receive regular service and maintenance on your tankless water heater system. Even if you would like to flush the system on your own, it is better to work with a professional to make sure the water heater is working the way it should.

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Cleaning and maintaining your tankless water heater ensures that it continues to work with the greatest energy efficiency. While you can perform tankless water heater maintenance yourself, not everyone has the mechanical skills or time to do so. It’s best to rely on an experienced Ventura plumbing contractor, such as Gallegos Plumbing, for all of your maintenance and Ventura tankless water heater replacement needs.

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