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Six Steps to Safeguard Your Newbury Park, CA Plumbing System


Because most drain lines and water supply pipes are hidden behind walls or under sinks, they aren’t given much thought every day. It isn’t until there is a problem that we realize the unseen is as important as the visible. Taking proactive steps should be taken to minimize plumbing failures, problems, and extending appliances’ lives.

Plumbing is essential in a home’s operations, and attention and maintenance are needed to keep all working smoothly. When a plumbing problem happens, it isn’t just the repair of the problem, but the surrounding damage it can leave behind. Here are six ways to be proactive with your home’s plumbing and minimize the chance of having destructive and expensive issues:

Six Steps to Safeguard Your Newbury Park, Ca Plumbing System

6 Steps to Safeguard Your Plumbing System in Newbury Park, CA

  • 1. Insulate the Pipes
  • 2. Install Leak Detectors
  • 3. Anti-sweat Valve on Toilet Water Line
  • 4. Water Hammer Arrestors
  • 5. Water Softener
  • 6. Installing a Reverse Osmosis System

1. Insulate the Pipes

If you haven’t already, as the temperatures drop, wrap the cold and hot water lines to keep them from freezing. Insulating the hot water supply pipes will improve heat retention, meaning it won’t take as long for the water to heat up at the faucet. Insulating the cold water supply lines will help to avoid condensation building up, freezing, and rupturing.

There are rubber-like tube products on the market that will shield your water pipes six-foot-long and have a slit down one side. The slit makes it easy to install and encases the water pipes completely, protecting them from drastic changes.

2. Install Leak Detectors

No matter the efforts we take, water leaks will happen. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch a leak early on, allowing you to shut the water off and make the repair before expensive structural damage occurs. Once that damage happens, the mildew and mold begin forming and spreading, and you have problems other than a water leak.

Newbury Park, Ca Plumbing System- Install Leak Detectors

You get a warning with a leak detector installed under sinks, near the sump pump, washing machine, or water heater. There are leak detectors that send notifications to your cell phone with an audible alarm when water appears in places water shouldn’t exist. There are units with freeze detection to alert you when pipes are freezing before they bursts. This is an excellent bonus when you have water supply pipes in the basement.

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3. Anti-sweat Valve on Toilet Water Line

A toilet tank will often sweat during the humid summers or after a hot steamy shower. That hot air and the cold water create condensation, sometimes enough that drips off the tank, puddling on the floor.

By installing an anti-sweat valve on the toilet intake water line, that stops. This device fits where the cold and hot water lines meet and mix the two lines, so the temperature is a nice mix inside the tank. The valve is adjustable so that you can regulate the hot water entering the line.

4. Water Hammer Arrestors

The water pipe’s hammering sound is disruptively loud and can break faucets and/or water pipes. That sound is referred to as water hammering and happens when the faucet slams the valve closed. Installing a water hammer arrestor will absorb that shock, reliving the impact’s faucet and pipes.

Installing a water hammer arrestor

5. Water Softener

Hard water is rough on water pipes. The high concentration of calcium, lime, and magnesium can cause havoc on your plumbing system as they keep building up layers. Those layers will reduce the water flow and corrode water pipes, causing damage, shortening the plumbing lifespan and your household appliances.

By installing a water softener to the main water line, as the water passes through, the hard water ions are removed, and sodium ions replace them. The result from softer water is minimizing damaged to your home’s plumbing.

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6. Installing a Reverse Osmosis System

The water coming from your bathroom and kitchen faucets may look clean and clear, but you can be sure there are several microorganisms in that water—disease-causing bacteria and viruses. If your water supply is a private well, you have the addition of gasoline, road salt, and toxins too.

All water filtration systems cannot remove these contaminants. However, a reverse osmosis system that fits under the sink is extraordinarily successful at removing bacteria, protozoa, viruses, and chemical contaminants like arsenic, nitrates, and radium.

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About Newbury Park Water Supply

The Newbury Park Water System is served by treated surface water from the Calleguas Municipal Water District, Thousand Oaks, CA. The Calleguas Municipal Water District provides water in Ventura County for both public and private agencies.

The raw surface water source comes from the Sacramento River Delta and is transported via the California Aqueduct to Southern California. This water is treated with conventional treatment of disinfection, coagulation, and filtration.

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